Reporting and Analytics

Superion experts are available to help your organization develop custom reporting modules that will deliver the data you need from your Superion software system.

Powered by Cognos BI, the Superion business intelligence solution enables your organization to consolidate all tasks associated with the reporting process. Through this integrated solution, you can streamline everything from researching data to accessing reports on the web to preparing reports for officials.

  • Generate reports that conform to accepted industry or internal standards
  • Develop reports that meet your needs and save them as templates for repeated use
  • Control access to specific data elements or collections of data by users or groups of users

Own Your Data With Superion Analytics

Own your data and empower your agency through improved reporting and business intelligence capabilities. Superion Analytics features an easy-to-use interface with drag and drop fields and real-time updating. Fully integrated with Microsoft Office and supported by a full suite of mobile applications for data access on the go, Analytics provides a complete all-in-one toolset – from simple ad-hoc queries to advanced multi-page layout reports, forms and many other features.

Discover what Superion can do for you

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