Hosted Solutions

Eliminate costly overhead, streamline IT and ensure data security with Superion Cloud.

Superion Cloud provides a flexible, cost-effective alternative to locally hosted solutions and software. Designed with government agencies in mind, our scalable, cloud-based solutions are flexible enough to adapt to evolving needs and secure enough to deliver a solid enterprise system.

We take the stress off your IT staff by handling the technical issues of managing your cloud solution for you. Hosted at one of our secure facilities, Superion Cloud assures dependable access with reliable support and monitoring by a team of industry experts.

Doing more with less – government cloud solutions

Superion Cloud empowers municipalities and nonprofit organizations by helping them do more with less. Offering proven Superion software products in a remote-hosted configuration, our scalable solutions enable organizations to adapt to changing economic environments while providing exceptional software. Cloud helps your agency reduce hardware and operational costs, streamline IT processes, and modernize infrastructure.

Integrated Disaster Recovery

With our cloud solutions, agencies can eliminate costly tape backups – freeing staff to focus on mission critical tasks. Offsite staff and servers help your agency maintain operational efficiency during times of crisis. Our redundant data architecture ensures all of your information is safe during a power outage or natural disaster.

Enterprise Cloud Software

Reduce your upfront costs, while enjoying the freedom and benefits of our flagship solutions. With Superion Cloud, you get the benefits of a reliable, integrated, enterprise system without the high cost of a complex IT infrastructure.

Modernizing IT

Get the IT resources you need from a software provider you trust. Our Cloud Solutions help expand your IT department’s capabilities and opportunities by focusing employees on high-value priorities.

Increasing Productivity

In today’s connected world, work doesn’t happen only at work. Being productive means having the ability to create and collaborate from virtually anywhere. Convenient web portals bring the power of our software to your employees on-the-go.

Security First

While state and local government agencies vary in their security and regulatory compliance needs, Superion Cloud is capable of meeting regulatory requirements for most government agencies. Superion Cloud can help ensure your organization complies with key standards.

Benefits of Cloud Solutions

  • 24/7 support and system monitoring by Superion Cloud experts
  • Administration, backups, and system management
  • Remote installation of most software updates
  • Lower cost of ownership

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