Records Management System

Collect, store and access critical information gathered during the course of any incident or investigation.

The ONESolution Records Management System (RMS) allows public safety agencies to collect, store and access critical information gathered during the course of an incident or investigation.

RMS public safety software provides analytical resources for your administrative, field and investigative staff. Users can quickly retrieve records and manage multiple involvements via a standardized interface, comprehensive database and superior data searching capabilities.

ONESolution is a true enterprise-level public safety software solution. Our solution increases efficiency by making critical information and data accessible across all ONESolution public safety software suites. Its powerful technology keeps information connected, investigators on track and personnel productive.

Additional applications and features available as part of ONESolution RMS include:

  • Accident Module
  • Accident Wizard
  • Animal Services
  • Applicant Tracking Module
  • Asset Management
  • Arrest Module
  • Bar Coding
  • Bicycle Registration
  • CA Plus
  • Calls for Service
  • Canine Tracking.
  • Case Management
  • Citation/Summons
  • Civil Processing
  • Concealed Weapons Registration.
  • Crime Analysis
  • Crime Lab
  • CrimeMatch
  • Crime Stoppers Management
  • Document Scanning and Storage
  • Felony Registration
  • Firearms Application
  • Permit Fleet Vehicle Maintenance
  • Gang Tracking
  • Generic Permit
  • Incident/Offense
  • Integrated Mug Shots
  • Intelligence/Narcotics
  • Internal Affairs/Professional Standards
  • Investigator’s Dashboard
  • Link Analysis
  • Mapping
  • Master Name, Vehicle and Location
  • Message Switch
  • Multi-Jurisdictional RMS
  • Notifications
  • Ordinance
  • Parking Ticket Administration
  • Pawn Batch Ticket Processing
  • Pawn Shop/Pawn Watch
  • Police-to-Police (P2P) Data Sharing
  • Probation and Parole
  • Problem-Oriented Policing
  • Property and Evidence
  • Quartermaster
  • Racial Profiling
  • Remote Lineup
  • Residential Security Watch
  • Sex Offender
  • Training


  • Reduces time-consuming research and mapping
  • Eliminates redundant data entry
  • Increases productivity and accountability


  • Integrates mapping to identify high-crime areas
  • Provides quick access to open investigations data
  • Employs integrated crime analysis toolset to maintain and identify relationships between names, vehicles, property items and incidents

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