Mobile Computing Technology

Provide a simple, easy-to-use and flexible field tool for personnel on-the-go.

Our wireless technology extends the power of ONESolution public safety and justice software into police cruisers across the country by connecting officers, supervisors and dispatch personnel to life-saving information. Mobile Computing Technology (MCT) provides voiceless dispatch, status updates, car-to-CAD messaging, car-to-car messaging and queries. The following features provide an increased level of safety for responding units, offer instantaneous access to information about calls, and maximize resources:

  • Digital Dispatch – MCT allows the unit to receive and transmit digital dispatching, car-to-car and car-to-console messaging, and premises and call information. It also performs local, state and NCIC queries.
  • Message Switch – Message Switch software includes a query interface from our application to the state computer and FBI NCIC systems via the state system. Additional Message Switch functions include car-to-car and car-to-console messaging and local, state and NCIC queries.

Mobile Field Reporting (MFR)

Our MFR helps officers generate, submit and revise a wide range of reports. Once completed, reports are sent wirelessly to a supervisor for review. The report can be returned instantly to the reporting officer for correction, if necessary. Once approved, the reports are submitted wirelessly to the agency’s records management system (RMS). The report then becomes accessible and searchable in the agency’s RMS. Additional highlights include:

  • Incident/Offense Module – Officers can enter incident reports, associated supplemental reports, and perform basic IBR and UCR edit checks. Upon completion, each report is submitted for supervisor review.
  • Field Review – Officers can submit reports wirelessly via the RF network for supervisor review. The supervisor can then approve the report or deny and return the report to the officer for correction. Once approved, the reports are wirelessly submitted to the agency’s RMS.



  • Increases officer safety and citizen safety
  • Maximizes resource efficiencies and increases productivity
  • Increases officers’ visibility in the community
  • Automates time-consuming tasks
  • Improves report quality and accuracy
  • Eliminates redundant data in the RMS database


  • Integrates mapping functions and automatic vehicle locator (AVL) for geographic analysis and visual reference
  • Supports devices that automatically obtain pertinent information from a driver’s license and speech synthesis technology for hands-free communication
  • Provides extensive report modules, including accident, arrest, field contact, incident, canine, parking tickets, racial profile, traffic and summons/citation
  • Generates skeleton incident reports to save on manual entry time

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