Jail Management Software and System

Access and maintain data on all aspects of an inmate’s confinement.

Flexible and integrated, our Jail Management System (JMS) expedites time-consuming jail facility tasks. Comprehensive management tools such as bar-coding and mug shot integration allows users to work faster without sacrificing accuracy.

Handheld devices extend functionality by enabling staff to record information on medical distribution, special watch observations and inmate mass movements. Information is automatically downloaded into the JMS database, eliminating hours of data entry and ensuring data integrity.

Our JMS increases efficiency by making critical information and data accessible across all ONESolution public safety software suites. Powerful technology keeps information connected, corrections officers informed and inmates secure.

Additional applications and features available as part of ONESolution JMS include:

  • Arrest and Charge Information, including Full Integration with RMS
  • Automated NCIC, Wants, Warrants, and Civil Checks
  • Biometrics Integration for Increased Release Security
  • Bond and Court Information per Charge
  • Court List Generation
  • Commissary
  • Dashboards — Facility Overview, Inmates, Confinement, Release, Medical, Visitation
  • Facility and Cell History Snapshot
  • Full Booking and Quick Booking
  • Grievance Tracking
  • Handheld PSA Medicine Dispensing
  • Handheld Mass Movement
  • Incidents and Disciplinary Hearing
  • Inmate Cash Accounts with Check Writing
  • Inmate Classification and Reclassification
  • Inmate Holds
  • Inmate Tracking
  • Integrated Master Names Index
  • Integrated Reports
  • Integration with Mug Shot System
  • Keep Separates
  • Mass Movement
  • Medical — Sick Call, Medication Distribution, and Medical Expenses
  • Medical and Suicide Screenings
  • Property Management (Intake and Issuance)
  • Schedule Events Management, including Court and Appointments
  • Sentencing in Year, Months, Days, and Hours
  • Social Security Administration Reporting
  • Special Watch for High Risk Inmates
  • Third-Party Billing
  • Visitation, including Visit Limits and Privilege Management, Professional/Visits
  • Weekender Tracking and Scheduling
  • Work Release


  • Improves inmate handling
  • Identifies inmates and prevents unauthorized releases
  • Increases efficiencies, productivity and facility safety
  • Expedites traditional time-consuming tasks
  • Automates day-to-day jail operations and data collection


  • Allows automated state/NCIC and local queries
  • Automates commissary orders, inmate ID cards, wristbands, file labels and reports with bar coding
  • Includes special watch and observation log
  • Offers medical tracking, including sick call, medication distribution and medical expenses

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