Field Training Online

Eliminate paper-based evaluation methods and instantly reap the rewards of documenting training in the field.

Field Training Online ensures consistency and accountability

ONESolution Field Training Online (FTO) provides public safety agencies with a simple and secure method for streamlining new-hire training programs. Based on the San Jose model, FTO is a flexible, secure web-based application that allows agencies to break free from time-consuming, paper-based evaluation and reporting methods.

With Field Training Online, agencies are able to manage the full spectrum of field training operations efficiently, from creating unlimited types of training programs and managing officer workflow to tracking daily activity and automating evaluation and reporting processes. The application offers integration, security, real-time tracking and on-demand reporting to improve accuracy and reduce both cost and time.


  • Saves time with single, electronic data entry in field
  • Integrates with CAD, RMS and JMS
  • Improves report accuracy and reduces overtime
  • Accommodates immediate analysis of all new hire data
  • Imports daily activities in real time


  • Provides at-a-glance, global calendar view
  • Offers flexible scheduling tool, including ability to change schedules as needed
  • Facilitates quick retrieval of information through role-specific dashboards
  • Delivers on-demand progress reports

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