Computer-Aided Dispatch Software Solutions

Manage and dispatch emergency calls in a fast and reliable way.

Our ONESolution Computer-Aided Dispatch Software (CAD) streamlines communications and improves officer safety by offering a fast and reliable way to manage and dispatch emergency calls. Emergency-responding departments are armed with the most accurate and up-to-date information on changing events, ground hazards, and previous calls for service.

Increasing efficiency and transforming emergency communications, ONESolution CAD connects emergency responders and dispatch personnel to life-saving information. Robust features such as integrated mapping, easy-to-use interface, drag and drop dispatch, and hotspot notifications support today’s mission-critical environments.

The next generation of CAD Software

Additional features and applications available as part of ONESolution CAD include:

  • Alpha-Numeric Paging
  • ASAP – Automated Secure Alarm Protocol
  • Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL)
  • CAD Status Resource Monitor
  • CAD-to-CAD (C2C)
  • Mapping
  • Message Switch
  • Multi-Jurisdictional CAD
  • Rip and Run
  • Status Resource Monitor



  • Delivers instantaneous information to telecommunicators and units in the field
  • Simplifies call taking and dispatching with drag and drop capabilities
  • Reduces training time with an easy to learn user experience
  • Decreases response time and quickly gets calls to the right resources


  • Provides unit recommendations to dispatch
  • Monitors all alerts, open processes and pending activity
  • Enables advanced data searches, including joint searches on several sets of criteria
  • Supports external data sources, including Google Maps and data from neighboring jurisdictions

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