Own your data and empower your agency through improved reporting and business intelligence capabilities. Superion Analytics features an easy-to-use interface with drag and drop fields and real-time updating. Fully integrated with Microsoft Office and supported by a full suite of mobile applications for data access on the go, Analytics provides a complete all-in-one toolset – from simple ad-hoc queries to advanced multi-page layout reports, forms and many other features.

Make data-driven decisions that will lead to positive, lasting impact on your community. Powered by Cognos, Analytics gives you meaningful, trustworthy data to make confident decisions and act on insight. Improved reporting and business intelligence capabilities will help you identify patterns in data and turn them into opportunity.

Superion Analytics is more than just reports; it’s a solution.

Bring Your Data to Life with Superion Analytics


  • Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of business intelligence and operational processes
  • Provides engaging user experience through a powerful, integrated solution
  • Saves money by enabling direct report generation
  • Delivers next-generation data intelligence to guide faster decisions
  • Expands the sphere of people who can work with your data through role-based dashboards
  • Delivers accurate results with easy, on-demand access to data


  • Robust security options ensure data integrity and reduces risk
  • Web-based interface provides a familiar experience across all devices
  • Enterprise-wide reports can be authored once and consumed anywhere
  • Narrative analyses produced in a controlled, auditable environment
  • Innovative blend of business agility and IT governance delivers accurate results
  • Customizable, role-based workspaces meet your unique requirements
  • Proven, scalable solution easily deploys in your existing IT framework

Discover what Superion can do for you

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