Public Administration Suite Professional

Secure cloud-based solution for end-to-end community management

Public Administration Suite Professional features advanced functions and capabilities that deliver consistent, streamlined performance across the entire platform. With Public Administration Professional, you eliminate the need for system implementation or maintenance because CentralSquare does all that for you. Also, because our Cloud solutions are always current, long gone are the days of worrying about the costs of upgrades and the disruptions caused by those upgrades. We provide the technology and the resources, allowing you to focus on issues that matter most.

45% State CIOs say more than 80% of their budgets are spent on maintaining existing systems

Public Administration Suite Professional includes:

Unifies applications across the full spectrum of public sector functions, including accounting, payroll and purchasing

Community Development
Automates the tracking of projects through zoning, planning, permitting, inspection and code compliance process

Solves complicated billing challenges faced local governments and utility districts by tracking customers, meters and services provided by location

Human Capital Management
Enables local governments to assist with the entire employee hire-to-retire lifecycle

Asset management
Monitors and maintains tangible and intangible assets for your organization

Citizen Engagement
Simplifies public participation allowing agencies to share information easily and effectively

Municipal Services
Expands services that assist with cemetery management, false alarm tracking and eCitation integration

Provides an easy-to-use toolset that enables queries, from simple ad-hoc searches to advanced, multiple-page layouts, reports and forms


  • Deployment is fast, getting you up and running in weeks instead of months
  • Fully integrated suite manages all aspects of running a smart community
  • Solutions grow with you as your community needs grow
  • Data is securely housed in best-in-class data centers, protecting you against cyber-attacks


  • Solutions are always current with the latest enhancements and features
  • Complete set of modular municipal solutions meets all of your community needs

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